Thursday, April 24, 2008

MLB Blog Poll - Week 3 (AL Vote)

Time for another weekly MLB Blog Poll. This week, we evaluated the MVP, CY Young, and Rookie of the Year candidates in the AL (if the season were to end today). You can find the entire results at Baseball Happenings or directly here.

Our voting for this week is below; one item to note, we're looking like geniuses for picking Ellsbury for Rookie of the Year - he's had an incredible past week (in 27 AB, he's hitting .370 with 11 R, 2 HR, 4 RBI, and 6 SB!), and now appears fully entrenched in the CF job for Boston. Crisp will get some playing time now & again, but there is no denying Ellsbury talent & ability to be an every day player in the majors.
1) Manny Ramirez - He's on pace for 162 RBI & appears focused on the task at hand...helping the Red Sox win another championship.
2) Josh Hamilton - He's the real deal
3) BJ Upton - Doing a bit of everything

AL CY Young:
1) Cliff Lee - Proving he can pitch great against more than just the Oakland's lineup. After two wins against the A's to start the year, he threw his second 2 hitter on Friday, this time against the Twins. The league is hitting only .111 against him.
2) Felix Hernandez - Impressive thus far
3) Ervin Santana - Has pitched well on the road so far (shocking), and continues to pitch great at home (expected).

AL Rookie of the Year:
1) Jacoby Ellsbury - This race is bound to heat up now that Longoria is up in the majors to stay, but Ellsbury has played well so far this year. He's showing a great eye at the plate (12 BB's to only 4 K's), and is running with success on the basepaths (6 SB).
2) Nick Blackburn - Been a solid addition to the Twins rotation
3) Evan Longoria - He's in the majors to stay, and has shown a solid eye at the plate so far.

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