Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Blog News of the Day - April 15th

Some useful news from the baseball blogosphere for April 15th (Tax Day - speaking of which, think of how nice it'd be if we didn't have to go through this process each year...just a thought):

-After another great game from Zack Greinke, and as Greener on the Other Side points, Greinke's Good; and while we're on the Greinke topic, Roto Authority has some great advice on keeping up with your lineups: Don't Be Dumb (pretty self explanatory, isn't it?)
-Seamless Baseball gives us their Stock Watch, looking at the current market value of some big name players, including Sabathia, Bedard, Kemp, and others
-Kelly at Fantasy Gameday has posted his weekly On the Wire for the week of April 13th
-Razzball talks about Buying David Ortiz (and others). One situation mentioned here that you should especially keep an eye on is the Indians closer situation - Borowski blew another one last night, and the Tribe has a handful of competent guys waiting in the wings, including Rafael Betancourt (UPDATE - Borowski is on the DL)
-Baseball Happenings has posted the results of their week MLB Blog Poll for Week 2 - This week we voted on the NL MVP, CY Young, and Rookie of the year. I'll discuss my selections for the week (along with my AL votes in week 1) in an upcoming post
-And last but not least, check out Project Prospect for great information on...you guessed it, minor league prospects. This has been a useful resource when preparing for my Fantasy Gameday Keeper minor league draft

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