Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Thoughts - Week 17 of NFL Season

A few random thoughts for a Sunday morning, which happens to be the final week of the NFL regular season...

-If you're in a fantasy league that plays it's championship this week (Week 17), either convince the commissioner to change the schedule to end the season sooner next year or find a new league. If you're a commissioner of a league set up like this, change it up next season or expect another championship game between teams starting Charlie Whitehurst & Mark Brunell at QB. Wow, and just think...if the championship game were a week or two back, it could have been Brady against Vick.
-The Miami Heat continue to put up wins (as much as I wish they didn't).
-A totally unrelated story, the Cleveland Cavs continue to pile up the losses (as much as I wish they didn't).
-Speaking of the Cavs, rumor has it that they've shown an interest is Andray Blatche of the Wizards. Depending on what the Cavs were to give up to acquire him, I'd probably be in favor of this deal. He's a young player with a lot of talent, although he's had a bit off the court baggage this season (although in his defense, who doesn't get into a nightclub fight every now & then?).
-A lot of NFL coaching changes might go down in the next few days; I'd estimate as many as 10 teams might have new coaches next season (if there is a next season). Let's hope teams don't continue to be too short-sighted & give some head coaches time to make a difference & implement a winning culture (I'm talking to you, Cleveland Browns).

Good luck to all the fantasy teams starting Mark Brunell & Joe McKnight for their championship games!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Off Topic - Clean the Clutter: She's So Organized

Nowadays, who can't be more organized? I found a great new site (and business) that has just started up that I'd suggest checking out, especially if you're like me & can't keep up with all of the clutter.

Although I'm not an expert, here are a few thoughts of my own:
1) Get an iPad or other tablet for reading periodicals (such as magazines & newspapers). You'll also be able to find fantasy pre-season publications available specifically on the device from the app store or online newsstand.
2) Get rid of any draft prep documents immediately after your drafts are complete. Obviously, recycling is best!
3) If you have kids, ask them to clean for you. Kids are great - they're like having little helpers around the house to do all of the things that we don't want to. And the exciting part, they often love helping out & don't realize they're doing manual labor!

Check it out & and enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Blog News of the Day - May 9th

Who doesn't enjoy a good fantasy baseball challenge? Arod on the DL, Tulowitzki out until mid-season, Gallardo out for the year, etc...But if fate didn't throw curveballs like these our way, what would be the point of actually playing out the fantasy season? We could just take our pre-season stat projections, apply them to all players drafted, and pick a winner without even playing a single game.

But players really play, and players really get hurt. Enjoy these challenges, don't get frustrated (as it really is still early), and use your creativity when trying to find a way to keep your teams afloat.

And without further delay, here is today's fantasy baseball blog news of the day:

-Greener on the Other Side takes a look at some of the early season BABIP winners & losers

-Roto Authority has updated their post on all closers in the league

-Fantasy Gameday takes a look at the top K/100 pitchers

-Crooked Pitch gives their week 5 fantasy MVPs

-According to Razzball, you know your fantasy baseball team sucks when...

I'll have some more juicy baseball thoughts for you this weekend, so stay tuned.

Friday, May 2, 2008

MLB Blog Poll - Week 4 (NL Vote)

First off, sorry for the lack of updates recently; it's the busy time of year for my real job (budget season), so that's been monopolizing much of my time. I plan on making some updates this weekend, so stay tuned.

This week, we voted on the NL MVP, CY Young, and Rookie of the Year. Here is how we voted in the weekly MLB Blog Poll brought to you by Baseball Happenings.
1) Chase Utley - He's already known as the one of the top second basemen in the league; this is the year that he's proving to that he's more than just an elite second baseman, he's one of the elite players in the entire game.
2) Chipper Jones - He's still hitting well over .400 after nearly 100 at bats...enough said.
3) Derrek Lee - Gold glove defense, and he's hitting nearly .360 with 7 HR & 20 + RBI's.

NL CY Young:
1) Jake Peavy - Continues to be one of the most consistently dominant starters in the game today.
2) Tim Lincecum - He's on pace to finish with a 26-0 record and 233 K's...which probably won't happen; no matter, he's been one of the best this season & has found ways to get wins with a limited offense behind him (it helps only have allowed 4 ER all season).
3) Ben Sheets - He drops a few spots this week after his recent missed starts, but he has been very impressive this season; let's hope he can get & stay healthy.

NL Rookie of the Year:
1) Jair Jurrjens - The league is hitting only .214 against him, and he's on pace for a 19 win season; not bad for a 22 year old.
2) Geovany Soto - Is actually giving fellow rookie Fukudome a run for his money right now for the title of best rookie in the Windy City.
3) Johnny Cueto - He's going to be a stud for a long time, but he's suffering some growing pains right now. He keeps putting up quality starts & showing great control, but he has allowed at least one HR in every start this season (for a total of 6 on the year).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MLB Blog Poll - Week 3 (AL Vote)

Time for another weekly MLB Blog Poll. This week, we evaluated the MVP, CY Young, and Rookie of the Year candidates in the AL (if the season were to end today). You can find the entire results at Baseball Happenings or directly here.

Our voting for this week is below; one item to note, we're looking like geniuses for picking Ellsbury for Rookie of the Year - he's had an incredible past week (in 27 AB, he's hitting .370 with 11 R, 2 HR, 4 RBI, and 6 SB!), and now appears fully entrenched in the CF job for Boston. Crisp will get some playing time now & again, but there is no denying Ellsbury talent & ability to be an every day player in the majors.
1) Manny Ramirez - He's on pace for 162 RBI & appears focused on the task at hand...helping the Red Sox win another championship.
2) Josh Hamilton - He's the real deal
3) BJ Upton - Doing a bit of everything

AL CY Young:
1) Cliff Lee - Proving he can pitch great against more than just the Oakland's lineup. After two wins against the A's to start the year, he threw his second 2 hitter on Friday, this time against the Twins. The league is hitting only .111 against him.
2) Felix Hernandez - Impressive thus far
3) Ervin Santana - Has pitched well on the road so far (shocking), and continues to pitch great at home (expected).

AL Rookie of the Year:
1) Jacoby Ellsbury - This race is bound to heat up now that Longoria is up in the majors to stay, but Ellsbury has played well so far this year. He's showing a great eye at the plate (12 BB's to only 4 K's), and is running with success on the basepaths (6 SB).
2) Nick Blackburn - Been a solid addition to the Twins rotation
3) Evan Longoria - He's in the majors to stay, and has shown a solid eye at the plate so far.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prospect Watch - Pitchers - Week 2

Today I bring you part two of our weekly Prospect Watch series, this time focusing on some of the top pitching prospects in the minors.

What's Interesting:
-Kershaw continues to pitch well, although he still doesn't have a win on the season
-Homer Bailey has been pitching extremely well, showing good control although not striking out as many as he has in the past; has he finally matured as a pitcher?
-David Price has yet to pitch in a game this season, although he is starting to throw bullpen sessions
-Max Scherzer - Wow. That's really all there is to say. His performance thus far in this young season compares well with some of the best minor league pitching numbers we've seen in recent years, including those from Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels, and Francisco Liriano. Will he be in the majors soon? If so, will his success continue (like those mentioned)? Only time will tell, but stay tuned.

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