Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily Fantasy Baseball Leaders - March 31st Edition

ESPN does a nice little summary of the daily leaders which you can find here.

Here's an overview of some of the top performers from games played on Monday, March 31st:

1) X Nady (OF - Pit) - 4-7/2 HR/4 RBI/4 R
I know everyone is probably running out to the waiver wire to pick up Mr. Nady, but remember, it was only one game.

2) J Thome (DH - CWS) - 2-5/2 HR/4 RBI/2 R

3) N McLouth (OF - Pit) - 3-5/1 HR/4 RBI/2 R/1 BB
This might be a breakout year for McLouth. After putting up 13 HR & 22 SB (with only 1 CS) in only 329 ab last season, he now has the CF job all to himself for 2008. He's a great power / speed sleeper, and he was voted as the Pirates breakout player this season in a pre-season poll in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. If he's available on your waiver wire, you might want to pick him up, especially if you have any open roster spots due to players on the DL or if you are in a non-keeper league & are holding the Jay Bruce types waiting for a call-up. Get McLouth now, before it's too late.

T4) F Gutierrez (OF - Cle) - 3-3/1 HR/3 RBI/2 R/1 BB
Another sleeper to keep an eye on this season. The RF job is all his, and he had an awesome spring. He might surprise some by putting up a 20+ HR/SB season, but he's very talented & he's part of a very good Indians lineup. If you have room on your roster, see if he's available.

T4) K Fukudome (OF - CHC) - 3-3/1 HR/3 RBI/1 R/1 BB
Not bad for a 30 year old rookie. Actually, it's one of the best first game performances in Cubs history.

1) B Sheets (SP - Mil) - 6.1 IP/2 H/2 BB/7K/o ER
Excellent first start for Sheets, especially considering he didn't have a great spring (again - spring stats don't matter...most of the time).

T2) C Zambrano (SP - CHC) - 6.2 IP/3 H/1 BB/5 K/0 ER
What I like most about this performance from Carlos was the single walk.

T2) J Peavy (SP - SD) - 7 IP/3 H/3 BB/4 K/0 ER

4) J Santana (SP - NYM) - 7 IP/3 H/2 BB/8K/2 ER
Excellent first start from Santana in a Mets uniform; the best is yet to come.

5) B Penny (SP - LAD) - 6.2 IP/4 H/2 BB/3 K/0 ER

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