Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The fantasy sports world continued while we were on vacation?

We're still alive here, I swear. I can't believe the fantasy sports world survived without regular updates on Roto Advice for the past month plus. It's actually made me quite sad, but I'll get over it; I thought this site was THE KEY for some of your success this season.

I want to give some exciting reason why we've been away, such as:

1) We've been scouting basketball players in Eastern Nova Scotia
2) We've joined a Nascar team & we've been prepping for the season
3) An evil ferret attacked me when I was jogging one day, and I lost use of my fingers for a few months so I couldn't type (I took a picture of the crazy guy)
4) I've had terrible diarrhea for six weeks, and haven't spent enough time out of the bathroom to write a complete post

OK, it's none of the above, but that's all in the past now...

The good news is the fantasy basketball season isn't done quite yet, although there have been some huge developments in recent weeks. Such as:

-Dwayne Wade (aka Mr. Glass) - Shut down for the year. This is especially funny (in a vindictive way) since a competitor in a league of mine just traded Baron Davis for him a few days ago (March 6th). On the bright side, after the injury, this manager was able to drop Wade and pick up Paul Millsap. I was going to make a joke out of that, but Millsap is actually a solid pickup; not Dwayne Wade-esk, but certainly better than picking up Chris Dudley or Jon Koncak.

-LeBron James has been playing ridiculous ball

-Monta Ellis has officially arrived

-Manu Ginobili is still one of the most underrated stars in the league who consistently produces

-Gerald Wallace crashed one too many times (so much for an injury-free year)

-Dwight Howard still can't shoot free throws, although he's better than Shaq (who, by the way, is "playing" in Phoenix now). On the bright side, this guy can really dunk!

-Pao Gasol has fit right in with the Kobe & friends in LA

In addition, fantasy baseball season is just around the corner! If I keep up my current track record of posting frequency, I'll be posting about 6 / week for about 2 months, then I'll vanish for awhile. What makes it so exciting is you'll never know I'm disappearing until it happens...J/K.

In all seriousness, in the upcoming weeks I'll be highlighting some keys to success as the NBA season winds down, in addition to reviewing some baseball drafts I've taken part in, including one with Kelly over at Fantasy Gameday.

Check back soon for some real updates, and thanks for not giving up on us. Thanks especially to Give Me The Rock for linking to me in a post about fantasy basketball bloggers that stop blogging!

Until next time...

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