Friday, March 21, 2008

Fantasy Baseball News of the Day - March 21st

Some news tidbits of the day for March 21st:

-George Sherrill has been named the Oriole's Closer. Some people viewed him as a throw in as part of the Bedard trade, but the O's are looking for him to play a key role in 2008. While on the topic of closers, check out these great links:

-Nine Bo Jackson's view of this season's closers
-Roto Authority's take on each team's closers (last updated on 3/17)
-Seamless Baseball top closers
-Barry Zito's fastball is now in the 83 mph range, and rumors are he has a tired arm
-Colby Rasmus was sent to the minors to start the year. This means Rick Ankiel is solidly the every day center fielder, and likely the cleanup hitter. Ankiel makes an excellent late round selection in your drafts, especially if your team is lacking HR.

-Albert Pujols now has 5 spring training HR; maybe he's really going to play the entire season & but up massive numbers, but I'm still nervous, especially if he's your first round pick. High risk, high reward, but in keeper leagues, please keep in mind that he'll need the surgery at some point down the line.

That's all for now. I'm on the road for Easter weekend, but I have one more post I'll try putting up sometime between Sat - Mon (at the latest). Next week, I'll be updating the site on my regular schedule (4-7 times / week).

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