Monday, March 24, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Resources - Daily MLB Podcast

There are many ways to get your fantasy baseball fix, but one of my favorite is the MLB 411 daily podcast.
You can find it here:
MLB411 podcast XML feed - You can just enter this into your iTunes, Zune, or other MP3 podcast compatible software to subscribe to the show.
Mike Siano, Cory Schwartz, and Casey Stern at MLB radio bring fantasy baseball news to your computer or mp3 player daily during the season. The show includes discussions about players, questions from listeners, and guests, such as Will Carroll from Baseball Prospectus.
I highly recommend checking it out - it's informative, entertaining, and great for your daily commute (45 min - 1 hour daily); I really enjoy listening to it on my Zune.
If you're interested, you can also check out their MLB 411 fantasy blog.

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