Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top Fantasy Basketball Contributors in the last month - final chapter

And now I bring you the top 5 fantasy basketball contributors in the past month:

5 - Shawn Marion (SF, PF), Pho - Key stats over the last 30 days - .539 FG%, .600 FT%, 1.6 3PTM, 14.9 PPG, 8.7 Reb, 2.8 Ast, 1.2 Stl, 1.6 Blk, 0.8 TO
What the heck is up with that FT%??? Thankfully, he only shoots a few per game, so at least it's not hurting teams much. His scoring is lower than I expected, but he gives you help across the board, so no worries.

4 - Caron Butler (SF), Was - Key stats over the last 30 days - .939 FT%, 1.2 3PTM, 20.0 PPG, 6.9 Reb, 5.6 Ast, 2.6 Stl
Butler has been a stat sheet stuffer this year, and I expect him to continue his dominance, especially with Agent Zero being out for potentially the rest of the year (or March 15th, which is what he's thinking now).

3 - Allen Iverson (PG, SG), Den - Key stats over the last 30 days - .464 FG%, .844 FT%, 1.5 3PTM, 29.8 PPG, 5.9 Ast, 1.8 Stl, 2.5 TO
Iverson is having what is arguably the best fantasy season of his career. He seems comfortable in his role with the Nuggets, and he should continue to be a great asset to your roster.

2 - Marcus Camby (C), Den - Key stats over the last 30 days - 9.0 PPG, 12.3 Reb, 2.8 Ast, 4.8 Blk!
Camby provides the best combination of rebounds & blocks in the league right now. His rebound per game average is actually a little bit down from the start of the year, but his blocks stay strong. Expect him to continue being a beast, as long as the injury bug doesn't strike.

And #1
Chris doing his best Fonzie impression
1 - Chris Paul (PG), NO - Key stats over the last 30 days - .481 FG%, .831 FT%, 1.2 3PTM, 22.1 PPG, 3.5 Reb, 10.9 Ast, 2.9 Stl, 1.9 TO
Not only is Paul #1 for the last 30 days, he's the top fantasy player on the season. There really isn't anything he's not doing this year. He's the leader of his Hornets team, both emotionally & statistically. Expect him to continue his monster season. Enjoy the ride...

That's it for now...

On the horizon - In the upcoming week, I'll have some analysis on current fantasy basketball waiver wire activity, along with some of the major surprises as we quickly approach the midway point in the season. I'll also take a look at some top individual player performances.

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