Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Fantasy Basketball Sites

I just wanted to take a minute to provide a few of my favorite fantasy basketball sites. Each of these provide useful tools to help you win your league:

Fantasy Basketball Resources:
Hoops World - I especially enjoy the daily box score blitz, which provides a single page to view all of the previous day's stats, with brief analysis for each game, including their take on each team's fantasy star
RotoWorld - Provides excellent fantasy analysis for all sports, and is regularly updated with fresh info
HoopsHype - Deep site with lots of good reading
Big Board - Basketball - Brandon Funston's top 50 fantasy basketball players...he's one of Yahoo's fantasy experts, meaning there is a good chance that he gets paid to do what many of us do for free, talk about fantasy sports...

Fantasy Basketball Blogs:
Give me the Rock - Excellent fantasy basketball blog with frequent updates & great analysis
Fantasy Basketblog - Great blog with excellent advice
Empty the Bench - Great read
Hoops Addict - Fun reading with frequent updates
Dropping Dimes - Just a good site
TrueHoop - ESPN fantasy basketball blog
RotoRob - Fantasy sports analysis with an edge
NBA Roto League - Interesting site that applies roto scoring to NBA teams

Basketbawful - Not necessarily a fantasy site, but just good times...

There are literally hundreds of other sites out there, but these are a few that I enjoy regularly.

If any readers out there want to suggest a site, please post a link in the comments; I'll update this post (and give the reader credit) if I receive any good suggestions...I look forward to your contributions. I'll also be updating my links on the home page to reflect these fantasy resources.

I'll have some more analysis coming later this week, so stay tuned...and thanks again for reading!


Andrew Thell said...

Thanks for the love, always very much appreciated.

Andrew Thell

Patrick said...

Hey, glad you like the site. And the shoutout is always appreciated. May thanks.

BTW, keep up the good work. I really enjoyed the steals & blocks post. Sean Williams is a beast.

Ken said...

No problem guys; keep up the great work on your sites! Don't hesitate to check in from time to time.


Bryan said...

The best site out there and one that has a great fantasy basketball format is they do fantasy basketball unlike any other site, they launch in August leagues form in Sept....check it out...

Hotbox Sports said...

The site is being constructed by Fanball/CDM and I have seen some of the site and it looks really tight...I hope people are going to enjoy it, we will have a fully customizable commissioner based product both private and public leagues, free of course, with free real time stats, news and of all we have an entirely new format which I know people are going to love, you've never played real h2h fantasy basketball until you have played the Hotbox Way!

Dave said...

I'd like to recommend HoopsAvenue. They are offering Fantasy Basketball for 2008-09 with demand-based player pricing and "coach" features.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think you might like this fantasy basketball site...its a good combination of predictions and news updates... check it out
thanks for the info!

Anonymous said... What do you think of this site? I use it to catch up and scan through ALL of last night's box scores at once without having to click around.

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