Sunday, January 13, 2008

Top Fantasy Basketball Contributors in the last month - continued...

Here is the continuation of the top 25 fantasy basketball contributors in the past 30 days. I now bring you number 15 through number 6:

5 - Kevin Garnett (SF, PF), Bos - Key stats over the last 30 days - .555 FG%, .758 FT%, 19.4 PPG, 9.0 Reb, 3.5 Ast, 1.3 Stl, 1.3 Blk
Garnett's production has been down some in recent months, as he's playing lower minutes / game than earlier in his career, but he's still a beast.

14 - Baron Davis (PG), GS - Key stats over the last 30 days - 2.4 3PTM, 20.5 PPG, 3.8 Reb, 8.1 Ast, 2.0 Stl
He's been good this year, although his shooting % has come down a bit recently...but he continues to shoot away.

13 - Yao Ming (C), Hou - Key stats over the last 30 days - .489 FG%, .861 FT%, 22.4 PPG, 10.7 Reb, 2.9 Ast, 2.4 Blk, 3.6 TO
Mr. Consistency...or 先生一致性

12 - LeBron James (SF), Cle - Key stats over the last 30 days - .705%, 1.1 3PTM, 28.3 PPG, 8.2 Reb, 6.9 Ast, 2.1 Stl, 0.7 Blk, 3.4 TO
LeBron is always going to be one of the top players in the fantasy game - his blocks are down a bit in the last month from his earlier season production, and if only he could get that FT% up...

11 - Gerald Wallace (SF, PF), Cha - Key stats over the last 30 days - .766 FT%, 1.4 3PTM, 23.4 PPG, 7.2 Reb, 4.8 Ast, 2.3 Stl, 1.0 Blk, 3.7 TO
A traditionally slow starter to the season, Wallace has been awesome in the last month. He provides help across the board, with TO's being his one weak point. I'd still like to see him bump his block total a bit, but he's a huge asset to any fantasy team, just keep your fingers crossed that he stays healthy the rest of the year.

10 - Andrew Bynum (C), LAL - Key stats over the last 30 days - .703 FG%!, .705 FT%, 16.9 PPG, 10.9 Reb, 2.1 Ast, 2.4 Blk, 1.6 TO
The biggest surprise on this list...the young stud has arrived! That FG% alone is a huge help to any team, but when you include the points, rebounds, and blocks, coupled with low turnover totals, you have a blossoming star. Kobe's got to be loving it...speaking of Kobe...

9 - Kobe Bryant (SG), LAL - Key stats over the last 30 days - .421 FG%, .869 FT%, 1.9 3PTM, 25.9 PPG, 5.8 Reb, 5.2 Ast, 2.1 Stl, 3.4 TO
Kobe's scoring is down some this season, but he's still one of the top scorers in the league, and he'll help you across all other categories. His shooting hasn't been great recently, but he'll come around.

8 - Jason Richardson (SG, SF), Cha - Key stats over the last 30 days - .478 FG%, .753 FT%, 3.1 3PTM, 24.4 PPG, 5.2 Reb, 3.6 Ast, 1.3 Stl, 0.8 Blk, 2.1 TO
Richardson is finally starting to look comfortable in his new environment. His shooting, both from the field & the line, is up in the last month. He's hitting a ton of 3's (tops in the league per game in the last 30 days), and his contributions in other areas are pleasant as well. It looks like he's found a home, and I expect a continued strong season from Richardson, although I'd expect his %'s to come down a little bit from where they've been recently (but not so much to harm most fantasy teams).

7 - Dirk Nowitzki (PF), Dal - Key stats over the last 30 days - .485 FG%, .899 FT%, 1.1 3PTM, 23.4 PPG, 8.8 Reb, 3.5 Ast, 0.9 Stl, 1.0 Blk
Dirk is just being Dirk...and that is good.

6 - Amare Stoudemire (C), Pho - Key stats over the last 30 days - .596 FG%, .724 FT%, 24.4 PPG, 10.2 Reb, 2.6 Blk
Amare continues to be a top tier center; expect this type of production to continue.

The top 5 is on the way...

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