Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Blog News of the Day - May 9th

Who doesn't enjoy a good fantasy baseball challenge? Arod on the DL, Tulowitzki out until mid-season, Gallardo out for the year, etc...But if fate didn't throw curveballs like these our way, what would be the point of actually playing out the fantasy season? We could just take our pre-season stat projections, apply them to all players drafted, and pick a winner without even playing a single game.

But players really play, and players really get hurt. Enjoy these challenges, don't get frustrated (as it really is still early), and use your creativity when trying to find a way to keep your teams afloat.

And without further delay, here is today's fantasy baseball blog news of the day:

-Greener on the Other Side takes a look at some of the early season BABIP winners & losers

-Roto Authority has updated their post on all closers in the league

-Fantasy Gameday takes a look at the top K/100 pitchers

-Crooked Pitch gives their week 5 fantasy MVPs

-According to Razzball, you know your fantasy baseball team sucks when...

I'll have some more juicy baseball thoughts for you this weekend, so stay tuned.

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