Friday, July 20, 2007


Welcome to the new Roto Advice fantasy sports blog! This site will cover the exciting fantasy sports worlds of:


I will try to cover these sports with a combination of analytical analysis (since I'm a finance guy) & 'laugh out loud' humor. OK, the humor thing might not make you laugh out loud...or even laugh at all, but at least I'll try; I guess as long as it makes me laugh, that's all that matters.

Let me also apologize for already lying to you, the readers...this blog will provide analysis & advice for both roto leagues & head to head (H2H) leagues. I'm newer to the H2H format, but I'll make sure I cover both sides of the fantasy world. Admittedly, the site name of 'Roto' Advice is a bit misleading, but let me see you try to come up with an easy to remember yet fitting title for what I'm going to provide. And believe it or not, 'Fantasybaseballfootballandbasketball' was already taken!

Again, welcome to the site and I look forward to helping provide you fresh fantasy advice that will assist you with winning your league(s) (or at least help get you out of last place).

The first real post will appear soon, so keep checking back (I'm sure you're on pins and needles)...By the way, please bear with me as I work to get the format of the site just right; I'll probably make about 500 changes over the next few weeks as I work though what I think looks best, so your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let me know what is working & what is not...and what you want to hear about.

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