Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yovani Gallardo's Worst Start Ever...

2 2/3 Innings
12 Hits allowed
11 ER
3 BB
1 K
2 HR allowed

Believe it or not, that's rookie star Yovani Gallardo's pitching line from today's game against the Rockies. That hurts in every league format, but especially in roto leagues. Imagine my frustration, as I just picked him up in one shallow league before today's game - really bad timing on my part. This one start increases his ERA on the season from 2.55 to 4.20 & his WHIP from 1.04 to 1.26...Ouch!

What's amazing is his line is actually worse than Jeremy Bonderman's line from 7/29 against the Angels of 2 1/3 innings, 9 hits allowed, 10 earned runs, 3 walks & 4 strikeouts.

As frustrating as this is for Gallardo owners, I don't think there is anything to worry about down the line; I'm still going to keep him in my lineup for his next start. The Rockies offense just exploded today, and every pitcher has an off game now and then.

Oh well, Tim Lincecum had some off games too (and Phil Hughes a few days ago); it's just part of the learning process for a young phenom pitcher.

Looking at the bright side of things, since the Brewers have said that they'll limit Gallardo to 175 innings this season, he still has about 6 or 7 starts left (since he's 41 2/3 innings away from that number). This short outing may have bought him one additional start later in the season.

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